Happy Friday! I’m attempting to get back into the weeknoting groove. To that end, I’m trying a condensed format to lower the barrier to pressing the publish button.

  • Starting to see the use of user stories and prototypes being used in the team to better understand the work and challenge…

A picture of the Beacons Resevoir, which I took last weekend whilst we enjoyed the freedom of being able to leave out locality for the first time in what felt like a long time.

Hello! Happy Friday! April.. already? Where is the time going etc. etc.?!

Nice to welcome the sun back though eh? Sunshine in the morning, lighter evenings, not quite so rainy as before. As someone wisely said on a video call this week, talking about the weather is the ultimate ice…

A picture of the three monitors I work on daily at home.

This afternoon I was able to hop onto my phone to continue a meeting so that I could walk up to school to meet my kids. There isn’t anything particularly novel or exciting about this, but afterwards I still had a bit of a ‘Huh, this is pretty great!’ moment.


This week felt like I spent quite a lot of it on video calls for one reason or another. I roughly estimate just six hours out of my working week that were totally free of video calls.

Whether that’s a problem or not really depends on the purpose of those…


Hello! Welcome to another set of weeknotes. These will be hastily composed as I’m looking forward to giving my brain a bit of a rest and do something entirely non productive like watch 7 solid hours of Netflix.

It’s been a week filled with lots of video calls, so perhaps…

White flag

Welcome to another year of weeknotes! Happy New Year! I think I might be the only person who’s still wishing people Happy New Year upon encountering them for the first time in 2021, but I’ve seemingly committed to this course of action and I’m sticking with it.

I had hoped…

Ho Ho Ho!

Hello! Happy Friday!

This is my last day of work for 2020. Out of office on. Something suitably alcoholic is chilling for this evening. A selection of Christmas films are waiting to be watched. Christmas food shop is imminent. Cheese glorious cheese!

Behold my suitably bad Christmas jumper. Rudolph’s nose used to flash and play music. Sadly(?) it’s ceased working.

As such this is likely to be my…

Short & sweet.

Mini weeknotes this week.

How are you doing? Looking forward to the Christmas break? Yep, me too!

Recieved some lovely news early in the week that I’d made the cut for this opportunity with CHC & Cadenza. As part of the application process I had to record a 1 minute…

“Graphic design is my passion”

I had a lovely whilstle stop tour of a process mapping tool courtesy of Andy Sandford. This is something we’re looking at because we want to capture our processes in a more consistent way.

Up till now we’ve used a variety of different tools (Google Drawings, Miro, Lucidchart) but the…

You decide.

This week (or last week as I’m writing) I was wondering if I was fighting with a bit of decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is described as..

“In decision making and psychology, decision fatigue refers to the deteriorating quality of decisions made by an individual after a long session of decision…

Neil Tamplin

I do digital/IT delivery for @ValleysToCoast. Interested in the spot where technology & people meet. Often learning. Always curious.

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